Internal test bench engineered by Interfluid

For testing variable and fixed displacement pumps and valves, electrovalves e proportional valves

Main features

  • Nominal power electric motor 45kW (driven by inverter).
  • Auxiliary motor power 5,5 kW.
  • Maximum adjustable pressure on the main circuit 350 bar.
  • Maximum adjustable flow 600 l/min.
  • Dedicated circuit for the calibration of directional, pressure and flow proportional valves.
  • Set up for alternate frequency test.

Our new test bench can test the efficiency of hydraulic pumps and motors in addition to on-off and proportional valves.

The test bench is the most performing diagnostic tool, capable of thoroughly testing a wide range of new or rebuilt components and subassemblies prior to their installation in a working system.

Engineered by our technicians, the test bench has been designed to answer the production and warranty needs of the products Interfluid assembles, but also to guarantee a professional and up-to-date post-sale service and customer care.

The main engine is controlled by an inverter (maximum power 45 kW), the maximum adjustable pressure is 350 bar (5076 psi) controlled by a digital proportional pressure valve present in the main circuit.

The bench allows the testing of single, double or triple stage pumps at the same time:

  • Vane pumps, fixed or variable displacement,
  • Internal and external gear pumps, fixed displacement,
  • Piston pumps, variable displacement with load sensing and torque limiter regulator.

The main circuit can measure in real time nominal flow and pressure thanks to digital and accurate instruments and sensors installed on the bench.

The test bench is controlled by a touch screen operator panel that allows to see real time data on:

  • Flow.
  • Pressure.
  • Oil temperature.
  • Power consumption, torque and current absorbed by the electric motor.
  • Speed.

Most of the parameters are particularly useful for the calibration of variablepiston pumps with torque limiter regulator.

An auxiliary group, equipped with independent motor pump unit, is dedicated to the testing of valves, solenoid and proportional valves.

The data acquisition software can gather all the information for the creation of detailed charts that describe the test carried out.