Hydraulic Vane Pumps

The vane pumps are different from other types of hydraulic pumps for its high efficiency, for low noise levels (even at high speeds) and for the extreme ease of maintenance and installation.
The vane pumps are used mainly in industry (Injection moulding machinesdie-casting machines, foundry plants…) while they are also very widespread in the mobile field especially in the garbage industry and road construction machinery.
Moreover, thanks to the particular design of the hydraulic balance which greatly reduces wear and eliminates the load on the support, the vane pumps are particularly robust and generally have a long life.

The main features of the vane pump are low flow pulsations, low levels of noise, wide speed range, wide range of viscosities, versatility in mounting.

 ModelloCodicePressure (bar)Displacement (cm³/min)Interchangeability 
Fixed displacementPFE-PFED30010 - 250Pumps are interchangeable to Rexroth PVV
Fixed displacementVT6-VT732010 - 500Pumps and spare parts are fully interchangeable to Denison T6 and T7
Fixed displacementHS-HQ21010 - 200Pumps and spare parts fully interchangeable to Vickers V and VQ
Variable displacementPVS PSP PLP PHP2504 - 100Pumps are interchangeable to Rexroth PV7