Variable displacement Axial Piston Pumps

Variable displacement axial piston pumps with swash plate are the ideal solution for open circuit applications with medium and high pressures. Axial piston pumps are capable of handling large flow rates at high hydraulic system pressures.

Typical applications are mobile and construction equipment, marine auxiliary power, metal forming and stamping, machine tools and oil field equipment. In these pumps, the pistons carefully slide back and forth inside the cylinders that are part of the hydraulic pump The piston bears excellent sealing properties.

The main features of the hydraulic piston pumps are: compact dimensions, high power density, optimum efficiency and reliability, high speed and torque, high working pressures. The pumps are available with different types of regulators for displacement control.

The structure of the shaft allows it to withstand radial and axial loads. Thru-shaft versions are also available to obtain multiple pumps in a position to feed multiple independent hydraulic circuits. The flow rate supplied by the pump is proportional to the number of revolutions and to the rake angle of the swash plate, which can be modulated continuously. The maximum inclination of the plate can be mechanically limited by means of adjustment screws.

 TypeModelPressure (bar)Displacement (cm³/min)Interchangeability 
Variable displacementPQ2508 - 70Pumps are interchangeable to Vickers PVQ/PVB and Denison PV
Variable displacementPVPC28029 - 73
Variable displacementHSP28018 - 140Pumps and spare parts are fully interchangeable to Rexroth A10VSO
Variable displacementK3VL32028 - 200Pumps are interchangeable to Rexroth A10VSO/A4VSO and Parker PVplus