Eckerle hydraulic internal gear pumps

High efficiency at a very low noise, wide range of speed

Wide speed range – ideal for servo applications.

Eckerle internal gear pumps are characterised by extremely low noise levels, low pulsation and a very large speed range. These are the main reasons why this type of pump is the most suitable for variable speed pump systems.

The internal gear pumps are used to operate at a continuous pressure up to 350 bar (depending on the size) and are used mainly in the industrial sector (for example in machines for plastics, die-casting machines, machine tools, presses, etc.) and in vehicles that operate in an enclosed space (electric forklift trucks, etc.).

The high yield values related to the compensation system axial or radial allow reaching high efficiencies and a significant reduction of pulsations od pressure and flow.

Thanks to special design features and the effective balance of forces, there is a significant reduction of the noise emission levels. The internal gear pump is very versatile and it is also able to work with fluids with low viscosity.

The optimal distribution of the loads and the special friction bearings allow to operate at high pressures in continuous operation and give the pump a long duration. The compact design of pumps Eckerle internal gear allows installation in small spaces.

Why buying Eckerle internal gear pumps from Interfluid?
  • Technical support from our engineers team
  • Experience and deep knowledge of internal gear pumps technology of our staff
  • Wide range of Eckerle internal gear pumps on stock
  • Quick comparison with Voith, Bucher and Rexroth codes
  • Urgent shipments in 24 hours
Main features:

  • Working pressures up to 350 bar, high efficiency
  • Compensation of axial and radial gap
  • Working pressures up to 350 bar
  • Displacements up to 250 cc / rev pump
  • Possibility to combine several pumps with single or multiple suction pumps
  • Also coupled with vane pumps and axial piston pumps
  • Different type of shaft  (in cylindrical and splined version) and SAE flanges
  • ideal for pairs with servo motors, variable speed pump systems.
  • With our servo hydraulic system PIISMA, hydraulic systems are achieving a functionality never seen before. You save up to 70% more energy over conventional hydraulic systems. Noise emissions are also lower, in many cases by up to 20 db(A).
  • Ideal for applications with servo pump
  • High efficiency even at low number of revolutions
  • Low flow pulsation
  • Very low noise
  • Long duration
  • Suitable for low viscosity fluids
  • Adapted to work with HFC fluids

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The variable-speed pump drives for hydraulic applications

Product groupTypeDisplacement
Operating Pressure
High-pressure EIPH24-25 330 barACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
EIPH314-64 330 bar
EIPH564-100 280 bar
EIPH640-250330 bar
Product groupTypeDisplacement
Operating Pressure
Medium-pressureEIPC320-64 250 barACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
EIPC564-100 250 bar
EIPC6125-250 250 bar
Product groupTypeDisplacement cm³/U Operating Pressure (bar) Download
Segment pump
EIPS25-25320 peak operating pressureACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
Replacement pumps:
15.8275 peak operating pressureACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
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