Atos directional valves

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Atos directional valves:

directional Atos valves available from stock

Atos hydraulic valves with directional function

Solenoid directional valves type DHE are two or three position direct operated, spool type, size 6 valves designed to operate in oil-hydraulic systems. Maximum flow is 80 l/m and pressure up to 350 bar.

Solenoid valves type DKE and DKER are direct operated, ISO 4401 certified, size 10.  DLHO and DLOK are solenoid poppet type valves, two or three position direct operated, size 6, designed to operate in oil- hydraulic systems with leak free requirements.

Solenoid valves type DPHE  (that substitute previous series DPHI, DPHU and DPHO) are two stages, pilot operated, ISO 4401 valves available in 10, 16, 25 and 32 size.

Hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical operated valves DH and DK are also available.

Our highly qualified technicians provide pre and after sales assistance, helping you in the choice of the components that best suits your needs, giving advice for customized solutions and support during the installation process.

Our know-how is continuously increasing thanks to our close collaboration with the Atos R&D department.

The reliability of Interfluid is guaranteed by Atos, that chose us as an official service center.

Thanks to our wide stock of components we can assembly proportional valves, even the most complicated ones (both in analog and digital version) in just a few days, with the same quality standards of Atos.

Longer delivery time can be quite an issue for the customers, causing delays in the production processes. Interfluid offers a very flexible and prompt service, providing quick comparisons with competitor brands, assembling alternative solutions in prompt delivery or dimensioning customized solutions.


Atos valves now in stock

Our services

Atos service center

Interfluid is able to support you in choosing the most suitable Atos hydraulic valve, thanks to our highly qualified technicians in the selection of components. Thanks to our wide knowledge Atos made us official distributor and Atos Service Center.

Analysis and testing department

Interfluid has a department dedicated to the analysis and testing of the hydraulic valve. All the Atos hydraulic valves, whether repaired or assembled internally, is subjected to strict tests that do not admit imperfections.

Quick comparison with other brands

Our extensive experience working in hydraulics for many years means we have an unmatched knowledge of the hydraulic valves. If you have problems with deliveries we will help you with a quick solution from stock.

Assembling and testing

All the hydraulic valves supplied by Interfluid have been assembled according to the latest factory specifications with brand new and genuine Atos hydraulic parts.

Wide stock available and quick delivery

Interfluid stocks a large inventory of Atos hydraulic valves and spare parts, such as coils, seal kits and any kind of accessories, to ensure a speedy delivery.

Internal product configurator

Thanks to our hydraulic valves configurator, our internal staff is now able to select easily the hydraulic valve that meets your requirements. This products configurator will be soon online.

DATASHEET: Atos digital and modular valves

Atos codeTypeSizeMax flow Download
DHAThreaded solenoids, direct operated, spool type0670ACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
DHEThreaded solenoids, direct operated, spool type0660 ÷ 80 ACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
DHIThreaded solenoids, direct operated, spool type0660ACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
DKEThreaded solenoids, direct operated, spool type10150ACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
DLEH, DLEHM Leak free, threaded solenoids, direct operated, poppet type0612 ÷ 30ACP_PDF 2_file_document copia
DPH*-1/2/3/6Double stage, spool type
flanged or threaded solenoids
10, 16 , 25 , 32 160 ÷ 300 / 650 ÷ 1000ACP_PDF 2_file_document copia

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