how to choose the most suitable hydraulic pump?

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The choice of the most suitable hydraulic pump for an application can contribute to the improvement its performances. It is not always advisable to choose the most well known solution, or the brand that has always been chosen in the past. For this reason it is important to have a reliable partner that knows all the brands in the market and can advise you on the ideal pump, according to the application. The improvements achievable are not only in terms of productivity but also in terms of impact on the work environment. Hydraulic pumps distributed by Interfluid are at low noise emissions, improving the working conditions of the operators. Our technical staff can support you in the pre and after sale service on any kind of hydraulic pump. We offer comparisons on the main brands in the market: Rexroth, Vickers, Denison.

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comparisons with other brands

Our wide experience with big and small producers makes us a reliable partner and allows us to offer spare parts at any time. Our trained staff can offer comparisons with main brands as Rexroth, Vickers, Denison.

test bench

We have a dedicated department for the analysis and test of our hydraulic systems thanks to our internal test bench. Any component or systems, both repaired or internally produced, undergoes strict tests that do not admit imperfections.

pre and after sale service

Thanks to our trained staff, Interfluid can support you in the choice of the most suitable hydraulic pump, in the selection and manipulation of components, in the development of technologically advanced systems.

vane pumps

Vane pumps are used mainly in industry (Injection moulding machines, die-casting machines, foundry plants…) and their main features are low flow pulsations, low levels of noise, wide speed range, wide range of viscosities, versatility in mounting

piston pumps

Hydraulic piston pumps can handle large flows at high hydraulic system pressures. Typical applications are mobile and construction equipment, marine auxiliary power, metal forming and stamping, machine tools and oil field equipment.

internal gear pumps

The internal gear pumps are used to operate at a continuous pressure up to 350 bar (depending on the size) and are used mainly in the industrial sector and in vehicles that operate in an enclosed space. They are ideal for servo applications.

Top quality assistance on your hydraulic pump thanks to our test bench

hydraulic pump test benchThe test bench is the most performing diagnostic tool, capable of thoroughly testing a wide range of new or rebuilt components and subassemblies prior to their installation in a working system.

The bench allows the testing of single, double or triple stage pumps at the same time vane pumps, fixed or variable displacement, internal and external gear pumps, fixed displacement, piston pumps, variable displacement with load sensing and torque limiter regulator.

The main circuit can measure in real time nominal flow and pressure thanks to digital and accurate instruments and sensors installed on the bench. The test bench is controlled by a touch screen operator panel that allows to see real time data on flow, pressure, oil temperature, power consumption, torque and current absorbed by the electric motor, speed.

Most of the parameters are particularly useful for the calibration of variable piston pumps with torque limiter regulator.

An auxiliary group, equipped with independent motor pump unit, is dedicated to the testing of valves, solenoid and proportional valves.

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