Choosing to invest in the search for energy saving systems is certainly a commitment but it can also deliver a dramatic competitive advantage for the future, since it will lead the companies to reduce the environmental impact of their production but also the costs. Considering the stringent measures that the EU is proposing to save energy, the question should no longer be “whether” to reduce our environmental impact, but “when” and “how” to do it. The Energy Efficiency Directive establishes a 20% energy efficiency target by 2020, adding a further 10% energy efficiency target for 2030.


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Piisma, energy saving servopump developed by Interfluid

Every company is now looking for a way to optimize the productiveness of their machinery in order to reduce their energy consumption and, as a consequence, the costs. Electric motors that drive hydraulic pumps are among the main factors responsible for the energy consumption of industrial machinery. This data can be dramatically improved supplying energy only when it is really necessary.

But how is this possible? Using an application that delivers good results without modifying the performances of the machine. Thanks to a servopump it is possible to regulate the flow of the fluid in order to prevent it from circulating constantly, but activating the motor only when pressure is needed, and with much shorter response time, as compared to traditional systems.

But the benefits are not over. Saving does not only mean cutting on the energy consumption but also reducing the cost of maintenance. The life span of the pumps increases, while the wear decreases. 

The reduced number of valves and components makes the system more compact and allows to limit the replacement of spare parts caused by wear or unexpected breakdowns. The simpler circuit allows to reduce the quantity of oil needed to feed a system. The usage of a servopump can also improve the working conditions of the operators as the noise levels drop, and helps the companies to comply withe the stringent regulations on the sustainability of the working environment.


Piisma was born from the knowledge of the technicians at Interfluid thanks to the experience acquired in the collaboration with companies that work in the plastic, gum, wood, paper and metal (and other) industries. The PIISMA hydraulic servo pump system consists of a variable speed servomotor controlled by inverter coupled with an internal gear pump, whose power may be constantly adapted to suit effective needs, in such a way as to eliminate idle machinery losses almost entirely.

The energy saving reached thaks to Piisma allows to amortize the investment in one year.

Energy saving activities are a cost? Certainly, but only in an initial stage. With Piisma it is possible to reduce the energy consumption by up to 80%. The reduction of noise goes up to 20 dB during the machine duty cycle and by 100% during between-cycle. The quality in the working environment is thus considerably improved.

Piisma also features a reduction of tank volume by as much as 80%. Read more

Internal gear pumps by

Interfluid is Eckerle official distributor. Internal gear pumps are characterised by extremely low noise levels, low pulsation and a very large speed range. These are the main reasons why this type of pump is the most suitable for variable speed pump systems. The internal gear pumps are used to operate at a continuous pressure up to 350 bar. The high yield values related to the compensation system axial or radial allow to reach high efficiencies and a significant reduction of pulsations od pressure and flow. Thanks to special design features and the effective balance of forces, there is a significant reduction of the noise emission levels. The compact design of pumps Eckerle internal gear allows installation in small spaces. Read more


sistemi per il risparmio energeticoIt is not by chance that such a company as Kawasaki Precision Machinery, with whom Interfluid has recently started a partnership, decided to reduce the energy consumption and the levels of noise of its products. Interfluid is distributor of the electro-hydraulic hybrid system Eco Servo and of the axial piston pump K3VL. Eco Servo can be either driven by a servo motor that boasts good control performance or by an inverter motor that excels in cost-performance. Eco Servo employs the Kawasaki piston pump K3VL series product that boasts a good reputation for its high pressure rating, high capacity and high efficiency. Grafico Ecoservo KawasakiThe noise has also been reduced since Kawasaki introduced the housing to restrain the propagation of pump vibration. The system is also made more compact and lighter by the reduction in heat value. Read more

Speed control by K3VL high-efficiency pump, achieving 40% energy savings as compared with the existing system


Ecotool hydraulic power unit

Ecotool, an inverter driven unit

In order to improve the performances of existing machinery, it is also possible to deploy an auxiliary unit that contributes to the overall reduction of the energy consumption. Right for this kind of need, Interfluid developed Ecotool, an inverter driven unit that supplies automatically the required flow according to load condition by monitoring the pressure. EcoTool is equipped with a variable displacement piston pump and it is highly reactive to the system that employs it, easy to build in and start on any kind of machine tool.  Ecotool units and controllers utilize rotational frequency control with an inverter. This innovative configuration solves the problem of efficiency losses suffered by induction motors operating at light loads and ensures significant energy savings. It can be mounted on electric plastic injection machines, NC lathes, machining centres, honing machines, and grinders, as well as on industrial machinery such as vacuum/pressure forming machines, casting machine presses. Read more 

Ecotool allows 35-65% reduction of the energy consumption, noise levels of only 50dBA and low heat generation.

Axial piston pump, Kawasaki K3Vl Eco Servo

When combined with the servo motor, the Swash-plate Axial Piston Pump K3VL achieves high precision operation in the whole rotation speed range. Thanks to the speed control by K3VL high-efficiency pump, Eco Servo achieves 40% energy savings as compared with the existing system. Read more

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