ECOSERVO energy saving system

Available for hydraulic applications


  • High pressure and large capacity type axial piston pumps are used.
  • Variable rotation induction motor control combined with a two-step displacement type pump.
  • Displacement: 22, 45, 80, 112 and 140.
  • Pressure ratings: 320 bar rated – 350 bar max
  • Peak pressure: 35 MPa, Max. speed: 2000 min-1
  • Max. discharge: 280 L/min (pump displacement: 140 cm³
The electro-hydraulic hybrid system delivering  energy savings and reduced noise by controlling the speed of the hydraulic pump, the pressure source of the hydraulic-drive system, in response to required power.
KAWASAKI ECO SERVO employs the KAWASAKI piston pump K3VL Eco Servo Series product that boasts the good reputation for their high-pressure rating, high capacity and high efficiency.
Applicable to both open and closed circuits
Employing not only the standard pump intended for open circuits but also special pumps (with suction valve) intended for reversible high-pressure and closed circuits. KAWASAKI ECO SERVO can be applied to a diversity of hydraulic circuits.
Variable displacement pump is employed.
Through the use of a variable displacement pump that is capable of two displacement settings, the necessary drive torque can be lower and the necessary motor capacity can be smaller.
Applicable to both servo drive and inverter drive.
To best cope with an intended system, KAWASAKI ECO SERVO can be driven by either a servo motor that boasts good control performance or an inverter motor that excels in cost-performance.
Speed control by K3VL high-efficiency pump, achieving 40% energy savings as compared with the existing system. The system is made more compact by a reduction in heat value.


  • Energy efficiency
  • High accuracy speed and position control are achieved by the combination of a high-pressure large capacity pump, inverter motor and the eco-servo controller.
  • The eco-servo uses system feedback based on pressure and flow requirements to control the duration and speed of rotation of the pump required to fulfil the demand.
  • Reduced noise: Introduced the housing to restrain the propagation of pump vibration.
  • Accurate flow
  • Pressure control
  • Simple configuration contributes to improved maintainability.
  • The system is made more compact and lighter by a reduction in heat value.

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