Inverter-driven hydraulic power units for energy saving

Energy saving hydraulic unit for machine tools

EcoTool unit is a high-efficiency hydraulic power unit controlled by an inverter. It is used to obtain a significant savings for machine tools.
Hydraulic units equipped with variable displacement pumps feature greater energy-saving than those with fixed displacement pumps.

ECOTOOL energy-saving hydraulic units and controllers utilize rotational frequency control with an inverter. This innovative configuration solves the problem of efficiency losses suffered by induction motors operating at light loads and ensures significant energy savings
Our system integrates oil hydraulic control and inverter motor technologies and it will be able to reduce power consumption significantly.

How it works
ECOTOOL Energy Saving Hydraulic Units with inverter feature a variable-speed electric motor driving a piston pump to match pressure and flow output to demand.
The ECOTOOL energy saving unit supplies automatically required flow according to load condition by monitoring the pressure.
Holds necessary pressure and operates at the minimum rotating speed required to compensate leakage from circuit in retaining pressure.
Rotates at high speed and supplies required flow when hydraulic actuator operates.
Available in four standard sizes from 0.75 kW (1 hp) to 3.7 kW (5 hp) with pumps sized from 8 cc/rev to 42 cc/rev.
The Energy Saving Hydraulic Units hydraulic power unit  is also available in configuration with on board manifold and directional valves

ECOTOOL Energy Saving Hydraulic Units controlled by an inverter

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Benefits: energy saving, low noise level and low heat generation

  • Energy-saving: dramatic energy-saving by reducing the motor rotating speed under pressure-retained condition. The result is 35 to 65% reduction in energy consumption, noise level of only 50 dBA, and low heat generation.
  • High-speed response: Response equivalent to or higher than conventional variable displacement pump
  • Low noise especially the noise level at the full-cutoff is reduced
  • Autonomous energy saving pressure/flow rate control.
  • Easy installation and adjustment: Adjustment and maintenance works are very easy as basically the conventional power unit is used
  • Only connect to 200V commercial power source to operate
  • Pressure and flow rate can be set on the touch panel and legible displayed in digital.

  • Machine tools (NC lathes, machining centers, honing machines, and grinders).
  • General industrial machinery (vacuum/pressure forming machines, casting machine presses, movable bridges, and various press machines such as hot presses, rubber presses, and caulking presses).
  • Forming machines (injection molding machines, molding units, and rubber forming machines).
  • Electric plastic injection machines.

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