How to choose a proportional valve?

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The number of small and medium companies that can rely on a technical staff well trained in any field is quite small. Unless you are one of these lucky companies, the choice of a proportional valve can be tough. In these case, it is more and more important to find a reliable partner, able to guide you through the choice of a standard product but also through its customizations.

Interfluid decided to invest in your place, increasing its technical staff and investing in its training in order to support you in the selection and customization of proportional valves, ready for delivery.

What we do for you


We are experts in proportional technology. All our valves are assembled in house and accomplish the Atos directives. Interfluid has a wide stock of valves of any configuration and dimension.


We are Atos distributors since 2006. We jointly developed a system of prompt deilvery for directional and proportional valves (analog and digital), cilindres, vane pumps and piston pumps. Atos recognized our value and made us official Atos service centre.  We can therefore test and manipulate Atos valves with the same Atos quality standards.


We have a dedicated department for the analysis and test of our hydraulic systems thanks to our internal test bench. Any component or systems, both repaired or internally produced, undergoes strict tests that do not admit imperfections.


COMPARison with other brands

Our wide experience with big and small producers makes us a reliable partner and allows us to offer spare parts at any time. Our trained staff can offer comparisons with main brands as Rexroth, Vickers, Denison.

spare parts and components

Interfluid has been specialized in the offer of components for 40 years. We offer a wide stock of components and systems for the industry and mobile applications.




PRE- and POST- sale service

Thanks to our trained staff, Interfluid can support you in the choice of proportional valves, il the selection and manipulation of components, in the development of technologically advanced systems.

Proportional valves

Reliability by Atos, service by Interfluid

On some occasions, it can be useful to look for a new supplier with a better price, but when dealing with proportional valves it can be a risky choice. Interfluid is a reliable partner that guides you step by step in the analysis of your needs and in the choice of the right product, providing assistance in the pre and after sales. Our technicians support you in the comparison with competitor brands, in the set up of alternative solutions ready for delivery and in the dimensioning of your valve.

If you are looking for Atos, leading producer of proportional valves, your standards are certainly high. This is why you also need a service that meets your expectations.

The reliability of Interfluid is guaranteed by Atos, that chose us as an official service centre. Our technicians are well trained on all the proportional valves of the range and we can also test them with the same quality standards of Atos, and modify them with the producer’s approval.

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Our staff can offer premium assistance thanks to our test bench.

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We offer comparisons with Rexroth, Vickers, Denison and other brands.

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We have hundreds of proportional valves in stock. We answer in 24 hours.